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Flavor Citrus is a Vegas Creative Tech sister company

Vegas Creative Tech is a Las Vegas based technology company leader in online business solutions with automated systems that help you save money and time while improving customer satisfaction.

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Our Solutions

Our solutions were created to assist restaurant owners and managers run the day to day operations smoother. We take great pride in earning client praise for professional expertise, reliability and quality of services. That’s why our customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes from working with a team committed to excellence.


Our Story

It all started with when two guys – Italo & Luis, decided to join forces to create an online solutions business. Their mojo was to always be passionate about providing real solutions that they believe from the bottom of their hearts are the best solutions for clients while providing excellent customer service. Our clients come first. Profit second.

Italo Ramos, a successful entrepreneur and real estate investor, brings to the table his expertise in marketing and B2B sales. Luis Muchau, a tremendous skilled programmer and visionary is capable of creating any online solution to fulfill clients needs.


Why Choose Us

Vegas Creative Tech and Flavor Citrus work as one company to provide state of the art solutions. Our clients are chefs, restaurant owners, and managers of restaurants so we understand what are the exact needs to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

How do we know what the restaurant industry need? We ask, we listen, and we create solutions. It is that simple. Our customers always come first. Profit second. A lot of people say we are crazy to have that philosophy in our company. We think they are crazy if they don’t put their clients first.

When you choose us to be your marketing arm, you can rest assured that we are here to help you with what we are experts on. Increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

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